Sonac DTS is an ASW Sonar system offering both active and passive modes of operation with two separate wet-end sub-systems, VDS and TAS, which can be used simultaneously. Basic tool for detection is a medium frequency active ASW sonar with superior performance in both shallow and open water conditions, and for different operations. The lightweight design of the system is optimised for detection ranges up to 20km.

Sonac DTS is an optimal solution for littoral ASW-operations. It can be fitted well onboard frigates, corvette size vessels, patrol boats and unmanned vessels.

This dual-tow sonar system includes real-time signal processing and underwater situational picture creation. The graphical user interface (GUI) is optimised for combined passive/active operation. The existing Launch and Recovery System (LARS) design for safe handling of the tow bodies can be modified based on the vessel installation requirements or restrictions.

Simulator functionality can be used with the actual sonar operator console or with a stand-alone computer. It operates normally onboard whether wet-end systems are in water or on-board, as well as for emulation of external interfaces for integration test and evaluation purposes.


Key features and benefits

  • Low drag, weight and power consumption to be integrated with various ship classes, including unmanned vessels
  • Optimized frequency range for littoral ASW, including omni and sector transmission and enhanced waveforms
  • Comprehensive analysis tools for operator, including sophisticated combined active/passive mode targeting functions
  • Situational awareness information and symbols including both active and passive mode targets on top of chart (including targets received from CMS)
  • Detected targets are sent to CMS


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