Patria's environmental responsibility is guided by the Group's environmental policy and the international principles for environmental responsibility to which the company is committed.

According to the stakeholder survey, the key aspects of Patria's environmental responsibility are compliance with chemicals and environmental legislation, waste recycling and energy efficiency.

Patria is committed to promote sustainable development in its operations by means of concrete measures.

Efforts are made to make energy and water consumption more efficient and to have a positive impact on the recycling and responsible disposal of waste. The responsibility for Patria's environmental responsibility development relies on the environmental work group tasked with furthering collaboration and the sharing of information between various business units, and with developing and reporting on the group's environmental responsibility.

Carbon footprint

Patria's carbon footprint 2020

Patria Group has conducted its carbon footprint calculation according to the standards and guidance described in the GHG protocol (version 2004, amendment 2013). Patria Group has set the organisational boundaries under the control approach, and therefore accounts for 100 per cent of the GHG emissions from operations over which it has control. In addition, the operations of Millog and Estonia were included in the carbon footprint calculation.

The calculation concerns operations in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Belgium, and Spain. Patria Group has set the operational boundaries to include scope 1 and scope 2 in the calculation but to exclude scope 3 for the time being. Scope 1 consists of direct GHG emissions that occur from sources that are owned or controlled by the company, such as company owned vehicles. Scope 2 accounts for GHG emissions from the generation of purchased electricity and heat consumed by the company.

The indirect emissions from the value chain (scope 3) will be included later in 2021 to complete Patria’s carbon footprint calculation. Calculations concern years 2018, 2019 and 2020. However, currently only the GHG emission calculation of 2020 covers all the Patria’s locations and operations (ISP units included). For now, the calculations for years 2018 and 2019 only concern operations in Finland. 

The Patria Group’s carbon footprint for all the locations in 2020 was 20,001.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (t CO2e). The carbon footprint for operations in Finland was 18,762.4 t CO2e in 2020, and in comparison to previous year’s carbon footprint (21,271.12 t CO2e), Patria generated 2,508.72 tonnes less greenhouse gas emissions than in previous year, if only operations in Finland are considered. Scope 1 emissions are from fuel consumption. They covered approximately 16.1% of all Patria Group’s emissions and amounted to 3,229.6t CO2e. The majority of emissions (83.9%), 16,772.3 t CO2e, came from purchased energy (scope 2), especially heat consumption.